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Congratulations Dance Scholarships & Awards!!



"Doug Caldwell Scholarship" honoring the late and great Doug Caldwell by giving one dancer completely free tuition for the entire dance year. Quinn B 

"Musical Theatre Scholarship" Emmaleigh P

"Summer Scholarship" Allison F

" Ballet Scholarship" Virginia V and Hattie M

"Elite Spirit Award" Gracie K

"Sister Scholarship" Emily and Willow 


2017/2018 Sholarships & Awards

"Studio Dancer of the Year" - Elizabeth H... She will receive a full dance sholarship for the entire season! Congrats Elizabeth!

"Musical Theater Scholarship" - Suri B... She will receive a one year sholarship for Musical Theater class!

"Ballet Scholarship" - Emmaleigh P... She will receive a one year scholarship for Ballet class!


2016/2017 Scholarships & Awards

"Miss Thang Award"...Haila L  Haila will receive s scholarship for Musical Theater class for the 2017/2018 dance season

"Trio Scholorship Choreography Award"... Suri B, Gracie K, Karyssa B

"DOUG CALDWELL Scholarship"...Gracie K  Free Dance Tuition for the intire 2017/2018 dance season

Trinity Strecker all the summer classes scholarship 
Aailyah T, Maddie C, Janelle A, Kaylee Paige A--------------$50 summer credit



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