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take dance classesAlong with local performances Elite Dance Studios showcases all regularly scheduled classes in a spring showcase. This gives the dancers a chance to show friends and family some of the things they learned throughout the year while also giving them the experience of being a professional dancer. 


Recital Fees $100 Each dancer ($15 for sibling)--includes a Recital shirt 
with cast on back for each dancer and unlimited amount of guests to recital.(There is no cost to attend the show.)
Additional Recital shirts for family or friends can be purchased at $15 each


General Recital Reminders

Organization is key to putting on a big production.

Please make sure you know what is going on! Check your emails and the info board at the studio especially around recital time. 

You/Your dancer needs to have their name on everything they bring.

All dancers just need a dance bag with their name clearly visible or name tag for all their costumes, hair clips and ties and small water bottle labeled with their name.
If a dancer is only in one dance, please arrive wearing your costume, with hair and make up completely done.

Dancers in multiple dances will need a large bag to put costumes into during changes. 


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