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Tuition and Fees for 2022-2023


             Classes begin on August 15th 2022


Annual Registration Fee: 

$35 per dancer.   $20 for the 2nd.   $10 for the 3rd.

$100 Recital Fee

$85 Costume Fee 


  Monthly Tuition Total 

60 minute class per week   -  $80 / month (includes professional dance pictures)



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*Costume Fee: $85 - Includes Tights & Accessories when needed!!  



*Recital Fee: $100 per family  - Stay tuned regarding Recital 2022 info later this year. 
 Fee covers 1 Recital T-shirt w/ cast names on back.


*Additional dance sibling recital theme shirts will be purchased for $15/each.  

 Bundle your fees and pay them in installments! 

—-Recital & Costume Fees are payable online in installments of your choosing throughout the dance year! :)  
    •    When you enroll online, you will need to enroll in an automatic payment plan. Your tuition will be drafted from your account on the 10th of the month, or you can log in and pay your tuition anytime on or before the 9th of the month.  On the 10th, all unpaid accounts will be charged automatically using the credit, debt or check on file. 
All holidays and school vacations have been taken into account. 



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