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Policies & Procedures

The intent of formally documenting our studio policies is to avoid any misunderstanding and/or supply the answers to questions you may have as we prepare to begin a new dance year. Please read the policies carefully and address any questions you may have with a member of our Elite Faculty. Please keep a copy of the waiver to refer to. Remember, your signature on the registration form indicates that you have been provided with and have read the studios polices.
Our Philosophy
Elite Dance Studios offers a wide variety of classes in the performing arts field.  Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acro, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Partnering, Voice, Circus Arts,  and Musical Theatre classes are offered. Classes are for ages three and up. Our friendly and qualified staff is always dedicated to the art of movement and dance and continually growing in knowledge and skill by attending workshops and master classes on a consistent basis. 
We strive to be an exciting addition to our communities by keeping all dancers up to date with the latest dance trends and information, as well as taking advantage of every performance opportunity in the area.
We pride ourselves on having an inviting and positive environment that enhances the fun of dancing while dancers are learning correct placement and technique. We want you to understand that we treat every student like a customer and we are committed to treating our customers with the highest level of professionalism and courtesy. Please let us know of your level of satisfaction (whether high or low) and we can assure you that your input will be used to continually improve our services to you.
Code of Conduct 

~Keep it Positive~ 
The highest potential is achieved when we are committed to be trustworthy, respectful, and responsible, and being a positive role model. Keep all studio conversation supportive and uplifting! We can make a difference! 
Tuition and Other Fees
 When you enroll online, you will need to enroll in an automatic payment plan. Your tuition will be drafted from your account on the 10th of the month, or you can log in and pay your tuition anytime on or before the 9th of the month.  If you choose to pay at studio it must be paid by the 9th. On the 10th, all unpaid accounts will be charged automatically using the credit, debt or check on file. 

Tuition is yearly, but can be paid in monthly installments. 
Tuition is the same for every month. 
All holidays and school vacations have been taken into account.

Any remaining unpaid accounts will then receive a $25 late fee. 

Monthly tuition is due & payable online the first lesson of each month, but will auto-bill on the 10th in case you forget.
There is a $15 fee for all returned checks.

• Registration Fee......There is a $35 registration fee for the first dancer in the family. $25 for the 2nd dancer and $10 for the 3rd dancer.  (maximum of $65 per family)
Costume Fees
For our spring recital we will be purchasing costumes for $75.  This fee will cover tights and accessories when needed.  After placing the order for costumes there can be no refunds of any kind. Costuming is an important and exciting part of performing on stage. Please keep your costumes clean and ready for showtime!

Recital Fees
Recital Fees = $100 Each dancer ($15 extra for each additional sibling)  
Due Date of complete payment- February 1st.

• Arrange for you or your dancer to arrive NO MORE THAN 5 minutes early. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER BUILDING UNTIL CALLED IN BY YOUR TEACHER. Please come dressed & ready, and only bring in essentials.
 • Being on time for class is an act of courtesy and is important in allowing the student to warm-up properly and receive full benefit from the class. Punctuality is important to your dancer as well as to the class. A late arrival disrupts the class.
• Please notify the studio if you will be absent. Regular attendance is encouraged to ensure a student's progress.
• Students that miss more than three classes after Christmas will NOT be able to perform in the Elite Recital without scheduling private make up classes ($50 per hour).  Students are learning new choreography weekly and it is easy to fall behind if attendance is sporadic.
***Elite Studios is not responsible for dancers dropped off more than ten minutes before class time or left more than 10 minutes after class time. 
Food & Drink
NO FOOD ALLOWED IN THE STUDIO. Students are required to bring in their own water bottles. There will be no water source available for dancers. We apologize for this covid-related inconvenience. Gum chewing is also NOT allowed on the dance floor.
Dress Code
Proper dance attire enables the dancer to fully participate in class as well as maintain a disciplined attitude toward their dance studies. Street wear and baggy clothes hinder the teacher's ability to monitor the body's proper placement and the skeletal and muscular development. (Exception: Baggy clothes may be worn during the hip-hop classes, however no jeans are allowed.) Hair must be pulled off the face and secured back with clips or head bands if needed. Jewelry can often hinder or injure a dancer and is not permitted.
Rehearsal and Recital
Information regarding the Recital will be sent home later in the year. If a dancer is not at the mandatory dressed rehearsal they will not be able to perform in the Recital. Dancers missing more than three classes after Christmas break will not be allowed to perform without scheduling private makeup classes. Rehearsing on stage is one of the most important steps in producing a good show. For the safety of the dancers (AND so that we have their full attention) only designated helpers will be allowed in the theatre during rehearsal.
There will be no refunds for lessons missed regardless the reason. If class is cancelled due to minimum enrollment, the class may be combined or cancelled completely. In this event a complete refund will be given for the paid classes that had not been given.
Class placement is based on each individual student's age and ability. Advanced levels will be decided by audition and/or at teacher's discretion. All students will be placed in the class most beneficial for their individual needs. Registration is first come first serve basis and secured by payment of tuition and registration fees.
Our policy for holidays are in conjunction with the Fayetteville public schools. When they are dismissed for holiday so are we. Classes will continue on parent/teacher and teacher in-service days and also Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Presidents' Day. If weather is bad or questionable please call the studio or check our Social Media Accounts. An email will be sent out as soon as possible if a cancellation is necessary.  There is no change in tuition for classes missed due to dangerous weather. If a class is cancelled more than two times due to inclement weather the teacher will schedule a makeup class.
Picture Day
Professional pictures will be taken at the studio in March. (Exact dates will be announced in September.) Please take the little extra time to make sure you/your dancer looks their best for these pictures. Pictures are taken on a very tight schedule and punctuality is of utmost importance.


Right To Amend...Elite Dance Studios management reserves the right to change or amend any policy at any time.



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